Mouse Maze

A classic mouse maze, in this game you must keep your mouse within the black lines at all costs. Its a simple flash game.

Download mousemaze2.swf
Download mousemaze1.swf


It''s a remake of the simple pong game. Another one of the really early ones made more because I wanted a clone of pong to play at school.

Download pong.exe

iPad Sim

This was a silly little project that was meant to simulate an iPad on your screen.

Download ipad2.exe
Download ipad1.exe

To Arms

For some reason GameMaker refused to take my 25$ that would allow me to make 3d games so I made a side scrolling shooter. Took a lot of time to make those gun sprites work without GMpro.

Download to arms.exe

The Archers Rebellion 2

The squeal to ROTAR, despite playing the first a fair bit I didn''t seem to understand that more enemies did not make the game more fun. Maybe some game developers nowadays could figure that out too…

Download return-of-the-archers-rebellion-2.exe

The Archers Rebellion

First game I made, gotta love it. I made a sequel too!

Download return-of-the-archers-rebellion.exe


Its like doodle jump, only really, really bad

Download jumper.exe

Space Wars

I was playing with rotating sprites and made a game about space ships. 'ins' key does something interesting…

Download space-wars.exe


This was one of the first programs I made. It will lag slow windows XP computers until the frame refresh stops. Its some fun, if it works.

Download crashy3.exe
Download crashy2.exe
Download crashy.exe


You wake up all alone with nothing, where will you go? Compiled jar is in the folder called Compiled. Download it and run it with java to play.

Repository Download Reemlift.jar


A simple PHP tunnel I wrote to circumvent the school firewall.

Download index.php

Thompson Discord


A discord bot servant.


  • Basic permission system (Completed)
  • Promotion
  • Demotion
  • Stream/channel stats fetcher
  • Live view
  • User stalker
  • Attempt to find other accounts tied to this user on the web
  • Code executor (Completed)
  • Markov simulator
  • Users
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Self update task (Completed)
  • Watch field on URL (Not possible without javascript execution or dom parsing)

Installing is pretty terrible, you will need:

  • firefox (apt)
  • xvfb (apt)
  • splinter (pip3)
  • pyvirtualdisplay (pip3)
  • selenium (pip3)
  • geckodriver (github)
  • lxml (pip3)