Skiff is a reference based Java like programming language designed for compilation into C. The project is mainly designed as an experiment into the inner working of a programming language and compiler. The language is designed with the hope that it will allow full compilation into C as well as interpretation on a simple, jvm like virtual machine.


A simple web framework written in Scala, ScallyWag provides implements an asynchronous HTTP server and simple router.


The client and server that powers this website. Both are written in JavaScript, the client using React and server using Fastify.

Dallen's Ansible

Ansible roles for the server that runs this website, along with other tasks I need completed. Can completely setup this website with only minor configuration. Used to allow for easy server rebuilds when I change server hosts.


A python library that allows for minecraft world files to be edited without starting a server or client. Can be used to make massive block modifications in minimal time. Without having to deal with server ticks and block state updates, PyAnvilEditor can build structures hundreds of times faster than a Spigot server could.


A tool written in Java for more rapidly building Spigot server plugins. Provides a CLI that allows users to create, start, and stop servers quickly. Additionally, if a plugin build folder is provided, new updates to the plugin will automatically be installed into the running server.


A tool written in TypeScript for scrapping commit stats from GitHub. The tool can locate every commit a user has ever made by scrapping their commit chart from their profile page. It uses that commit list to determine how many line additions and deletions a user has commited and the languages of those additions and deletions.

Silent Auction Site

A website written in JavaScript for holding silent auctions for the Fairview High School National Honor Society. The tool has been used to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Boulder County Homeless Shelter.